Warning line system in Winnipeg

When it comes to securing your rooftop, there are multiple rooftop fall protection systems to choose from to keep your team safe at heights. However, what if you could delimit the perimeter and use a system that acts as a visual reminder to alert those nearby that danger lurks. That’s exactly what you get when you install Delta Prevention’s warning line system in Winnipeg.

Our main goal is to provide companies peace of mind thanks to a visual safety perimeter for worker safety.

Our roof warning line systems in Winnipeg are designed to last

All our fall protection systems are following warning line standards and respect Canadian fall protection standards and OSHA fall protection standards. Delta Prevention has the solution you need to protect your team from injuries when working from heights.

What is a roof warning line system in Winnipeg?

Warning line systems act as barriers between danger zones and those nearby. They can be erected on flat surfaces, along building edges or on roof sides to alert workers and individuals nearby that they are approaching a designated, unprotected zone. The goal of roof warning line systems in Winnipeg is to provide a safer roof.

Versatile warning lines that convert into guardrails

There might come a time when you want to modify your protection systems without changing all your equipment. So, we’ve developed a warning line system that can easily be installed on your roof. This not only secures your rooftop to offer maximum protection at a fraction of the cost!

warning line system installed on a rooftop

What are the benefits of installing a warning line system in Winnipeg?

Use of non-penetrating technology

Protect your workers and your roof’s membrane with a versatile and easy-to-install warning line system that doesn’t require drilling into your roof during installation. Our systems will provide your workers with safe access to the roofs they are working on thanks to visual warning notifications.


Proudly made in Canada

All our protection products are made in Canada and designed to withstand the harshest Canadian climates and weather.

Installing our warning line system in Winnipeg will prevent height incidents for your workers. Our comprehensive safety solution will give a permanent warning to workers as they are working on heights. 

Compliant and certified products

All our roof fall protection systems are certified by an independent engineering firm to ensure they comply with NBC and OSHA standards with ultimate resistance. Delta prevention is aware of the importance of warning lines in safety regulations. Our products abide by fall protection standards in Winnipeg.

Guardrail systems in hamilton made from recyclable materials

Made using eco-friendly materials

All our warning line systems are made with a recycled rubber base to provide a solid grip on any flat roof.

Experienced team for skylight fall protection in saskatoon

10-year warranty

If anything should go wrong, our passive fall protection comes with a 10-year warranty. This means that our rooftop safety company will perform repairs at no cost to you.


Durable products designed to last for years

Made using patented recycled rubber for a counterweight base and aluminum components, our safety innovation of a warning line system in Winnipeg offers resistance to rust and deterioration.

Why choose Delta Prevention to install your warning line system in Winnipeg?

Delta Prevention warning line systems are:

  • Long-lasting and require less maintenance than other rooftop fall protection equipment in the industry
  • Versatile and allow you to convert them into rooftop guardrails if necessary
  • Highly visible through the use of bright yellow cables and flags for maximum visibility
  • Easy to install and won’t require any drilling into your rooftop

Choose our warning line system in Winnipeg

A permanent fall protection solution that ensures safety for all users without PPE or annual certification.

Contact Delta Prevention for your warning line system in Winnipeg

Let Delta Prevention secure your rooftop and protect your workers from injury when working from rooftops. With our team of qualified experts, we guarantee that our warning line system in Winnipeg will offer you complete peace thanks to the rooftop protection you need.

Contact our fall protection experts to receive a quote, or do not hesitate to request more information about our passive rooftop fall protection equipments.


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Delta Prevention is the first manufacturer to offer you a collective and eco-conscious fall protection system. Our products are made of recycled rubber from clean energy using locally sourced materials.