2000 feet of free-standing guardrail installed on the roof of this global pharmaceutical leader

Delta Prevention was tasked with securing the installations on the roof of a global biopharmaceutical company for employees who need to work there. Just as in their field of expertise, the company in question wanted to leave nothing to chance when it came to safety on their roof. A complete collective solution was requested to ensure the safety of everyone across the entire roof of their building in Quebec City. Several areas needed to be secured, requiring particular attention to accessibility and the diversity of situations encountered. Delta Prevention and our partners at Solutions Prox-Sécur therefore developed and implemented a series of tailored measures to guarantee optimal protection while allowing for safe and efficient circulation of employees on the roof.

Complete Roof Securing

This project was of considerable scale. The company’s goal was to secure all work areas at high on their roof by establishing a complete perimeter. The implementation of a secured perimeter facilitates worker movement and ensures that the company has done everything possible to protect the lives involved. The roof securing encompassed 8 protection zones on a roof with multiple levels and different tiers. The perimeter installation included a mix of VSS Compact and Classic, distributed across 24 distinct mounting sections. To give an idea of the project’s scale, it involved approximately 2000 linear feet of free-standing guardrails. The biopharmaceutical company thus deployed substantial resources to ensure the safety of workers at height, with their well-being now guaranteed and valued by their employer.

Integration of Snow Chutes

Two sections of the company’s roof had previously been secured to aid in snow removal. For this purpose, two separate snow chutes had been installed with ramps to simplify the snow removal process on this fairly large roof. The configuration of the perimeter is connected directly to the snow chutes to ensure continuous roof security. This application once again demonstrates the flexibility of Delta Prevention’s product configurations.

Navigating Different Levels

One of the challenges Delta Prevention had to overcome in this project was securing the many levels or tiers while ensuring adequate accessibility and circulation. How did Delta Prevention manage to overcome this difficulty? Through customized solutions that their specialists can provide to each client. The VSS Compact systems were modified and adjusted to secure the two levels. One of the gallery photos perfectly illustrates this adjustment: an overlapping tier equipped with a passage with a few steps for workers. We added a Delta Prevention self-closing gate, providing a dedicated, secure, and unique passage for this part of the roof. This project clearly illustrates Delta Prevention’s ability to provide custom adjustments for all types of roofs and situations.