Enhanced Safety with Roof Access Hatch Guardrail


Roofs, often equipped with access hatches, pose a potential safety risk for individuals working at heights. To counter this danger, the guardrail specifically designed for roof access hatches offers a comprehensive and reliable solution. Installed along the edge of the hatch, this device ensures safety by preventing falls when the hatch is left open. An […]

What Is the Difference Between Passive and Active Fall Protection Systems?

Rooftop Fall Protection Systems

Falls are the cause of many tragic accidents every year. According to the CCOHS (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety), more than 42,000 workers are victims of falls in Canada. It is therefore crucial to ensure the safety of your employees on the roof with the right safety devices. To prevent accidents, check out […]

When Is Fall Protection Required in Canada?

Safety railing ensure safety on this building in Penticton, BC

Fall protection becomes necessary as soon as you are working on a roof, whether it’s flat or sloping. Each year, the statistics prove this. Many fatal injuries and accidents could have been avoided if appropriate preventive measures had been implemented. It is therefore crucial to protect workers from falls to prevent a tragedy.  But where […]

Is Fall Protection Required on Flat Roofs?

Protection contre les chutes avec garde-corps autoportants à Montréal

Should you install fall protection on a flat roof on a construction site? What about permanent protection? The short answer: yes. Installing a fall protection system is always recommended, because it lets you protect workers at height. We would tend to believe that a flat roof is safer than a sloping roof, due to the […]

Prevent Height Accidents: 4 Smart Tips

Man walking along roof warning line on building

If you work within the industry of construction, you know the need to work from roofs and heights. The necessity to prevent falling from heights is crucial as it is one of the most common causes of site injuries and death.  Of course the easiest way to prevent height accidents is to work from the […]