This Drummondville plant gives priority to collective fall protection.

Olymel’s production plant in Drummondville offers its workers and subcontractors a collective fall protection solution.   Initial Situation Located in Drummondville, the Olymel plant contacted the MSK Canada, a Canadian distributor of Delta Prevention products, to protect its employees and subcontractors working on the roof. It is thanks to the excellent reputation of Delta Prevention […]

Roof safety railings: 6 reasons why you should not do it yourself.

We asked Canadian fall protection specialists from coast to coast why safety equipment should be left to experts.   You strive to be a leader in your own field and your proprietary knowledge has been developed over the years. The same thing goes for fall protection equipment. In fact, when lives are at stake, the […]

Fall protection in BC: What are the main safety guidelines ?

We have all had the unfortunate incident where we have fallen simply because we were doing something without taking the right safety precautions. Usually, our first instinct after we have hit the ground with a solid impact is to quickly look around to make sure nobody else saw it. However, if the fall is bad […]